Daily Kos: Where to Find Open Source Science

by Terry Pinder for SciTech.

imagesIn the wake of Aaron Swartz’s suicide after being hounded by Federal prosecutors, I wondered if people knew where to find peer-reviewed articles for free.

It’s tough.

JSTOR and many other academic publishers often want 30 to 40 dollars an article. An article! You can see how this can quickly become untenable for someone on a budget. Heck, that’s a lot for someone who even has some means (I wouldn’t say I have means, but I do consider myself firmly middle-class.)

I, of course, believe knowledge should be freely available. I certainly do realize that science is indeed expensive, which is why I go about looking for things for free. I can’t afford to pay 40 dollars an article except in a very great while.

I obviously like science a great deal and consider myself a lay enthusiast for the Earth and Space sciences. Over the years I’ve amassed quite a library, much it for free. I thought I’d share some of the methods I’ve used and I hope others share their methods too.

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